4 Airline Rules That Makes A Passenger Mad

All of us probably have experienced being a passenger. There are instances that we get pissed and angry. I’ve seen a lot of people lose their temper in the airports. Don’t you ever wonder what the things that make plane passengers exasperated? Let me give you some tidbits of information. Here are some rules that can make passengers lose their temper.

1. First class switch


We can’t avoid it most especially if there people in authorities that need to fly with us. Air Marshalls for example, if there are any emergency that these Marshalls need to switch from one plane to another and too bad your seat was the one that needs to be given away. There will be a refund, but it will be at least 50% less than the actual amount you paid for.

2. Pet Friends


You can bring you pets on your flight. That’s no problem at all. You are allowed two carry-on bags, and if you have a pet on a carrier, it’s already considered one bag. Aside from that, you need to pay around $150 for letting the airline carry your pet in your flight.

3. Minors in the air


If there is any minor around the age of eleven to fifteen years old and he or she is not flying with an adult, there will be an additional fee that needs to be paid amounting to around $150.00 on a one-way trip. You need to pay so that the minor can have an airline escort.

4. No Refund rule

Have you ever experienced paying for your checked luggage then it was lost through customs, but they even refused to return you the fee that you’ve paid? Well, that’s the rule, so I guess we can’t do anything about it.
Rules may differ based on different airlines. The information above is based on general thoughts from random passengers that experienced problems with their flights.



The Top 4 Commercial Airplanes In The World

We’ve all seen a lot of aircrafts in the sky. We can’t help but be amazed how these birds fly perfectly through the horizons. It is amazing that’s for sure. Have you ever thought which are the best planes that are used commercially? You can stop thinking about it now because I’m about to give you the top four commercial aircraft that are used around the world.

4. Boeing 787


It is the plane that carries a twin engine that has been manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. This big bird can carry 330 passengers at maximum. It is best known to be fuel efficient. The good thing about this plane is that it uses composite materials for its construction.

3. Boeing 737


It’s a bit smaller than the Boeing 787 as the maximum passenger capacity of this plane is only at 215. If you’re wondering which aircraft is the bestselling piece in the aviation industry, it’s none other than the Boeing 737. The plane is known for being silent but powerful. It carries the reputation since it was produced dated 1967.

2. Airbus A380


It is the biggest aircraft that can hold the most number of passengers at 830 individuals. It has a double deck feature. You don’t have to worry about a twin engine aircraft as the Airbus A380 is a four-engine jet. It can also impress you as this plane can travel at 900km/hr.

1. Boeing 777


The maximum passenger capacity of this aircraft is at 450. It is an aircraft that has been digitally designed. Do you know that the famous Rolls Royce Company has something to do with the engine development of this plane? It is true.

I hope that your next flight will be among these aircraft. It is fun to experience comfort while you are traveling.


4 Tips You Need To Know If You’re Buying An Airplane

Buying an airplane is a significant investment that you need to think about carefully. It’s not simple as if you’re just buying a car. There are a lot of things that you need to know if you’re planning on purchasing an aircraft. These things are important so you can make a good deal for your purchase. Check the tips as it can help you in making a wise decision for your plane investment.

1. Consider your need for it

You don’t need a large plane if what you have in mind is just a vacation with your family. You should consider the fact that not all the time, you will be flying altogether. Most of the time there will just be a few passengers to occupy the aircraft.

2. Do you want a new or a second-hand plane

The initial price of a new plane may be a little higher than a second hand, but there are a lot of benefits that you can get from a new aircraft. You can have it paid for a longer period. There may also be some deducted taxes alongside a new purchase.

3. Join plane owner communities

You can do a little research and find some assembly for aircraft owners. It will help you a lot. You can get a lot of tips from people who already own an aircraft. If you’re lucky and find the right connections, people from that community may lead you to some colleagues they know who can give you a big cut on the selling price.

4. Fixed budget

You should have a fixed budget allotted for your aircraft purchase. Make sure that you have set the maximum amount of money that you will spend on the plane. You should never exceed that because that won’t be a win-win situation for you.

There are other factors to consider, but these four tips are the most important tips that you need to know before you jump into any plane purchase.