Courier Packaging Guidelines

The very best means of shipping boxes or packages would be to attempt to utilise the original manufacturer’s packaging, but this is not always possible.

Following are a few of guidelines to use.

Recommended Packaging Materials:-

Bubble Wrap
Polystyrene surrounds / Ends
Strong Outer Cardboard Box
Polystyrene chips
Put polystyrene chips or blocks in the box and also surround the items with them, so they are not able to move.
Ensure all things are adequately shielded with adequate bubble plastic wrap
Make certain that there are no air gaps and shake the box before filling with polystyrene chips
After all, things are protected and cannot move inside the box, seal the box with numerous layers of approved packaging tape
Tag the Package according to our labelling guidelines.
All items must be securely and sufficiently packaged to protect the contents since your parcel will be treated several times by hand since it travels through our system. To book urgent courier in Sydney you can visit The item must be padded, protected, have suitable outer packaging as well as the corners protected.

Here are some tips on how to properly package your product.

1. Choose a fantastic, excellent box
A double walled box, particularly for deliveries that contain fragile things, secured appropriately is best.

2. Select the right sized box
Boxes which are too small could mean the contents become lost. Boxes that are too large are likely to fall if another parcel is placed on top of it during delivery.

3. Guard your items
Bubble wrap, packaging peanuts, foam and newspaper can be employed to secure your items.

4. Wrap each item in the box separately
When sending multiple items within one box, it is recommended that every product is wrapped individually. This offers better protection for your things and decreases motion.

5. Seal the parcel with packing tape
Seal all open borders of this parcel with broad parcel tape on both the top and underside of your package to ensure it does not open during transit.

6. Labelling your package
Always use clear, accurate speech tags in your parcels.

Sample medical phials: have to possess adequate protection within the packing, so the same does not move.
Shredded paper may be used for packaging such materials. Plain covers shouldn’t be used.
Novels: Must be packed in cartons / wooden circumstances. If in cartons, two strappings must be done to make sure that the contents hold collectively.
Textile goods: Must be first wrapped in polyethene or some other suitable waterproof material and then covered with powerful Hessian / Jute cloth.
Electronic content: Must be packed with adequate-ply corrugated cartons.
No consignment can travel until the destination at the sealed condition. It’ll be opened and checked at various check-points. Therefore packaging must be powerful enough to maintain the pressures of travel. Under any conditions, Overnite will not be responsible for any damage/breakage of the consignment in transit.

Guarantee that the packing box is acceptable in size and power to carry its contents.
Make sure the cushioning material will be stuffed generously in the box.
Use of strapping is a good way to seal the box since it supports even poorer boxes.
Ensure that specially designed boxes are used for packaging floppies and video cassettes.
Ensure that while packaging sharp items like Knives, Scissors, etc., the advantages and points of those items are protected.
Shipments packaged with the wooden box should have an openable lid, which is opened and re-locked again and again.
Ensure that no single package weighs more than 35 Kgs.