4 Airline Rules That Makes A Passenger Mad

All of us probably have experienced being a passenger. There are instances that we get pissed and angry. I’ve seen a lot of people lose their temper in the airports. Don’t you ever wonder what the things that make plane passengers exasperated? Let me give you some tidbits of information. Here are some rules that can make passengers lose their temper.

1. First class switch


We can’t avoid it most especially if there people in authorities that need to fly with us. Air Marshalls for example, if there are any emergency that these Marshalls need to switch from one plane to another and too bad your seat was the one that needs to be given away. There will be a refund, but it will be at least 50% less than the actual amount you paid for.

2. Pet Friends


You can bring you pets on your flight. That’s no problem at all. You are allowed two carry-on bags, and if you have a pet on a carrier, it’s already considered one bag. Aside from that, you need to pay around $150 for letting the airline carry your pet in your flight.

3. Minors in the air


If there is any minor around the age of eleven to fifteen years old and he or she is not flying with an adult, there will be an additional fee that needs to be paid amounting to around $150.00 on a one-way trip. You need to pay so that the minor can have an airline escort.

4. No Refund rule

Have you ever experienced paying for your checked luggage then it was lost through customs, but they even refused to return you the fee that you’ve paid? Well, that’s the rule, so I guess we can’t do anything about it.
Rules may differ based on different airlines. The information above is based on general thoughts from random passengers that experienced problems with their flights.


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