How Beneficial Exercise Is To Learning

Other than giving us a great body, everyone knows that exercise also has many benefits. It makes sure that we stay healthy too. Exercise also helps with other things like reducing stress and slowing down the aging process. Regular exercise can actually help our brain as well. It also helps with promoting better memory and learning.


Exercise helps with improving blood circulation. Good blood circulation supplies the right amount of nutrients  that all the other organs in our body need to function properly. This is true with our brain as well. Our blood carries the large amount of oxygen and glucose that our brain needs. Some brain diseases can be avoided too when blood flow to the brain is increased. Some forms of dementia and Alzheimer’s are some known diseases that is a result of not having enough blood in the brain. Nerve and cell growth in the brain is enhaced with working out too. Research shows that the growth of new cells in the brain are focused mainly on the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory known as the hippocampus.

Aging causes changes in our body including our brain. The decline of our cognitive function is one of those changes. This causes us to learn new things with a lot of difficulty as we age. Because exercise helps in fighting the aging process, it helps in slowing down the harmful effects it has on our brain. Working out helps combat stress too and that helps keep our minds sharper and more alert. In order for learning to occur, three elements that need to be present namely active processing, alertness and immersion. When your mind is more alert and sharp, these can easily be achieved. Brain growth and learning is hindered by stress since it leads to distress that causes distractions.

Simple exercises like walking are not as effective as more challenging ones. The reason for that is rigorous exercise release more hormones. Many hormones produced when we workout aid in improving cellular and tissue growth and repair. Norepinephrine is one of those hormones. Norepinephrine is a hormone that aids in improving our memory. Our muscles to produce the hormones needed to stimulate cell growth in our brain when we do exercise like strength training, dancing and aerobics since these allow our muscles do a variety of movements. You also have to watch what you eat to ensure that your brain can function properly since diet is always coupled with exercise. Food that are rich in omega 3 fats, antioxidants, and whole grains are a must.

There are many benefits that exercise gives that are not well known. We now know that getting brawn is good for the brain. It only goes to show that a sound body is equal to a sound mind.

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