The Top 4 Commercial Airplanes In The World

We’ve all seen a lot of aircrafts in the sky. We can’t help but be amazed how these birds fly perfectly through the horizons. It is amazing that’s for sure. Have you ever thought which are the best planes that are used commercially? You can stop thinking about it now because I’m about to give you the top four commercial aircraft that are used around the world.

4. Boeing 787


It is the plane that carries a twin engine that has been manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. This big bird can carry 330 passengers at maximum. It is best known to be fuel efficient. The good thing about this plane is that it uses composite materials for its construction.

3. Boeing 737


It’s a bit smaller than the Boeing 787 as the maximum passenger capacity of this plane is only at 215. If you’re wondering which aircraft is the bestselling piece in the aviation industry, it’s none other than the Boeing 737. The plane is known for being silent but powerful. It carries the reputation since it was produced dated 1967.

2. Airbus A380


It is the biggest aircraft that can hold the most number of passengers at 830 individuals. It has a double deck feature. You don’t have to worry about a twin engine aircraft as the Airbus A380 is a four-engine jet. It can also impress you as this plane can travel at 900km/hr.

1. Boeing 777


The maximum passenger capacity of this aircraft is at 450. It is an aircraft that has been digitally designed. Do you know that the famous Rolls Royce Company has something to do with the engine development of this plane? It is true.

I hope that your next flight will be among these aircraft. It is fun to experience comfort while you are traveling.

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