What We Do

AAdoj is the company that leads when it comes to providing excellent service to different airlines and fleet companies. You might be wondering what exactly do we provide. It is very simple as a matter of fact. We create and plan the opportunities for our clients to ensure more stability for your business. If you are looking for some assistance regarding:

– Corporate Strategy Plan
– Feasibility Research
– Aircraft Acquisition and Liquidation
– Aircraft Analysis
– Fleet Assessment and Evaluation
– Financing Propositions
– Marketing Studies
– Promotional Offers
– Fleet Optimization
– Travel Assessments
– Operations Management
– Mergers
– Airline Customer Service

We are here to guarantee that you can get the best possible service. There are a lot more that AAdoj can offer. As long as your concerns are about aircraft, airports or aeronautics, we can do something for you. You can expect nothing less from the best in the industry. We are the organization that you can rely on from the start until you have reached the full potential of your business.

If you’re interested, send us an email at consult@aadoj.com. We’ll be glad to help you out. Let us take you to your success. AAdoj is the number one choice for all airlines out there.